St. Andrew's United Church , Port Moody

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What we Believe

We believe the Holy Presence we name as God is present in all people and all things, both within us and beyond us. We are connected with the sacredness of all life. With respect for other faith traditions we follow the Christian path as a way of knowing God and living in the world.

We take the Bible seriously but not literally
We understand the bible as a human product, written in the context of two ancient communities. It is a record of how those people understood and experienced God and their life of faith. We use the Bible as a central source of wisdom, inspiration, understanding and guidance for our life.

We follow the Way of Jesus
We look to the story of Jesus and the way he lived his life as a model for our own living. We understand Jesus as both a figure of history and a mysterious presence we refer to as Christ within and amongst us. Through this understanding we gain a deeper sense of what it means to be created in the image of the divine.

We are not alone. God is with us.
We call “God” by many names and experience the sacred in a variety of ways. We experience God as something larger than ourselves and yet part of us. We understand God in human form primarily through Jesus.